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"Unprecedented times", "new normal", "social distancing". The fact is the world has changed. So this year we are doing something different. Rather than joining the Camp Nutimik Foundation for a fundraising dinner, help us meet our fundraising goal from the comfort of your living room with our first ever unGala virtual fundraiser. No fancy dresses or suits required - just a willing heart (and wallet) to help us give kids and youth a place to spend time in God's great creation.    

On September 18th, the Camp Nutimik Foundation hosted the ONLY fundraising event in 2020 with the unGala. The camp's income has been drastically reduced this year but what hasn't changed are the expenses. Operations costs continually increase and we need our donors more than ever to cover the gap. Even though there were no campers on campus this summer, the costs of maintaining our camp still exist. Hydro, water treatment, and aging assets that require maintenance and repairs are some of the ongoing operational costs.  

What Does an unGala Look Like?

The program followed a day in the life of a camper. We walked through skills, chapel, free time, and entertainment at Jessie's Outpost, and there were opportunities to support Camp Nutimik financially along the way. 

We all know how valuable camp is to the development of children and youth, and to spread the gospel to the next generation. Support the Camp Nutimik Foundation by clicking the donate button.

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